If we have made the foreign persons variation to your trust, please read this!

We are aware that Revenue NSW has been/is in the process of sending correspondence out to trustees in relation to “Important changes to trust deeds and foreign surcharge liability”.
We have made enquiries with Revenue NSW and have been informed that they have not kept copies of any of the trust documents which have been submitted to them to date. The correspondence they have sent out is generic, directed at any land owner which is noted as being trustee of a trust, however they are asking that people do still upload copies of the Trust Deed and Deed of Variation (per the instructions in that letter). This will enable them to have access to the documents in the future, if necessary.

Revenue NSW is also requesting that you complete a declaration on their portal, in respect of the trust.
We suggest that you upload copies of the Trust Deed and any Deed(s) of Variation (per the instructions in Revenue NSW’s letter) and otherwise complete the declaration. This will help to avoid any hassles in the future.
Unfortunately, we are not able to attend to the upload on your behalf as it is a personal portal that they are being uploaded to.
If you require a copy of your documents, please feel free to contact our Estate Planning team.