Tick of approval for live music venues

It is hard to miss the extensive residential and commercial development that has been occurring within Newcastle in recent months with a number of these located near longstanding music venues. With Covid-19 restrictions easing in Newcastle, its well-known nightlife is slowly returning to previous capacity and live music events are becoming more and more frequent.

In a move to support Newcastle music venues and their patrons, whilst also managing the expectations of purchaser’s moving to the city, planning certificates will now include information about live music and night time activities. This information will act as an acknowledgement that noise can be experienced from live music venues and events.

This new notification will be in addition to existing usual information contained in Planning Certificates, which are issued by the Council in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and governed by the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulations 2004.

Council’s actions have been welcomed by many venues who host live music events as it provides purchasers of inner city properties with a sufficient level of transparency prior to moving in and also indicates that the Council supports Newcastle’s live music industry.

If you would like to know more about planning certificates or information regarding purchasing your next property please do not hesitate to contact our Property Team.